AGS Enhance

Homework at Acklam Grange is known as AGS Enhance. The following is applicable for students in Years 7-10, with increased expectations for students in Year 11. 

Our system aims to:

  • Build long-term study habits which provide a solid foundation for KS4 exam preparation and productivity in the world of work.
  • Enable parents to more easily support their children by clearly providing key information which needs to be learned.
  • Improve our teachers’ ability to identify and support those who fall behind.


Each half term, subject teachers will provide each student with a resource containing all content to be learned, and spend time in lessons demonstrating and practising recommended techniques. This content will also be available to download at home via student login to our ‘Magellan’ server, where you can find a ‘Home Study’ folder. Quizzes will take place in lessons on a fortnightly basis, to check whether learning has been successful, and study support sessions will be put in place where required.

Quizzing to check learning means that there is no ‘hand in’ of homework, giving greater flexibility for when home study is completed. Students and parents also no longer need to check whether homework has been set each day. Once the content is available, it should be studied regularly – at least once a week for each subject.

Our expectation is that students should be studying for a total of two hours per week, plus 20 minutes per day reading for pleasure. A recommended schedule is shown below, and can be adapted to fit your household calendar.

For any parents who require support with this system, small group and 1-1 workshops on successful study techniques can be scheduled in school each Wednesday 6pm-7pm. Please email to check availability or discuss an alternative time slot.

Suggested study schedule:


25 minutes

5 minutes

20 minutes










Science and English




CPA, Tech & Computing















Notes, hints and tips:

All students have an account with the online HegartyMaths platform. Tasks directed by class teachers are designed to last 25 minutes, including taking notes from the video.

MFL recommend short daily bursts of vocabulary practice.

Humanities includes content for Geography, History and Religious Studies

Creative Performing Arts includes all content set for Drama, Music and Art

Some subjects may occasionally set ‘traditional’ homework tasks which do require a hand in. Where these tasks are set via our eSchools learning platform, they would replace home study for that week.

***All successful study requires quizzing. The act of trying to remember is what strengthens connections in the brain. This could be ‘self-quizzing’, using a look, cover, write, check approach, or quizzing with a friend or family member. This is easy to do because the answers are all provided for you***

Study time must be completely focused. The following guidelines will help to ensure that the two hours per week are making a real impact on learning.

  • Set a timer to make sure that the full agreed time is spent studying.
  • Create a clear, comfortable space that is used only for studying.
  • Remove all distractions (phones, consoles, TV, pets, siblings) to aid concentration.
  • Establish a routine at a set time of day, to build the study habit.

More information, hints and tips can be found by following the AGS Success video blog.